Review Policy


Here is some general information to keep in mind in regards to what to expect in my review policy, including what I like to read and what I’ll accept, etc. This information is crucial to know ahead of time, and can save the both of us some time during a review request process!  🙂

View the contact page to make a request.

What I Read

I read a little bit of everything. Mostly young adult, and varying genres within the young adult category. I really don’t like historical fiction, but I’m not completely against it. I will not read non-fiction, religious or political, most romance or erotica, poetry, memoirs or biographies, or graphic novels.

Accepting Books

I am currently accepting books for review (as of January 2017).

Once a book is received, I will review it as soon as possible. If a specific date is preferred for review, please let me know in your request so I can make arrangements to meet the deadline.

I will provide honest feedback, whether it’s positive or negative. I cannot guarantee a complete five star rating nor can I promise that I will finish the book.

Formats accepted: I prefer physical copies, but I do accept eBooks. I do not accept audiobooks, unfortunately.

Outline for a Review

Reviews go up within a week of finishing. This gives me time to collect my thoughts and properly put together a review without feeling rushed and forced. In my reviews I will provide honest feedback, whether it’s positive or negative. I cannot guarantee a complete five star rating nor can I promise that I will finish the book.

My reviews are very simple. You can view my blog and see that all of my reviews have the same information and layout. Reviews will include:

  • cover art (linked out to book on Amazon)
  • title
  • series, with book # (if applicable)
  • author
  • publish date
  • pages
  • format read
  • star rating
  • my opinions

Rating Scale

If I cannot get into a book within the first 100 pages or five chapters – I mark it as did not finish (DNF). In that case, I will reach out to you and we can consider doing a spotlight feature where I simply introduce and promote the book.

The following is my star rating scale. It’s pretty straight to the point. Reviews are based on how a book makes me feel – genre does not affect its rating compared to other books in its genre.

⭐ – DNF or there was absolutely nothing good about the book

⭐⭐ – it was a passable book; at least finished and there might’ve been one or two things enjoyable

⭐⭐⭐ – neither hated it nor loved it, had several things that were enjoyable; a storyline that was good, but had a few flaws

⭐⭐⭐⭐ – a really enjoyable read, had a lot of aspects that were enjoyable, a storyline that was easy to follow and enjoy; might’ve had some flaws but easily overlooked

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ – similar to a 4-star rating but was really enjoyable, had little to no flaws, a storyline that was fun to follow; didn’t want to put the book down, a quick read because of enjoyability

Requesting a Review

In your review request, please provide the following information.

  • book title
  • cover art
  • link to book on Goodreads or Amazon (or a synopsis)
  • contact information

Usually, I find the information for myself when I am doing a book review. That’s why I request for a link to Goodreads or Amazon so I can grab information that I generally need for my reviews. However, if there is specific information that is requested in the post for the review – please provide as many specifics as possible; this includes author blurbs, possible giveaway information, etc.

Please note that I reserve the right to deny any request.


Due to Ginger Night Owl being a new blog, I am willing to participate in cover reveals, blog tours, and any book blitz. It helps me promote myself as well as promoting an author and/or book!  🙂 Please provide all of the information needed for these types of promotions.