Feature & Follow (September 1).


Feature & Follow is hosted by Parajunkee and Allison Can Read.


Spell out your blog name with book titles – the beginning letter of one book representing one letter of the blog name.

G: Girl Against the Universe by Paula Stokes

I: Illuminae (The Illuminae Files, #1) by Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff

N: Never Always Sometimes by Adi Alsaid

G: Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

E: Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon

R: Rogue (Shifters, #2) by Rachel Vincent

N: [The] New Hunger (Warm Bodies, #2) by Isaac Marion

I: If I Stay (If I Stay, #1) by Gayle Forman

G: Glass Sword (Red Queen, #2) by Victoria Aveyard

H: H20 (The Rain, #1) by Virginia Bergin

T: Teach Me by R.A. Nelson

O: [The] Outsiders by S.E. Hinton

W: Wink Poppy Midnight by April Genevieve Tucholke

L: Living Dead Girl by Elizabeth Scott

How would you spell your blog name with book titles?  🙂



Feature & Follow (August 12).


Feature & Follow is hosted by Parajunkee and Allison Can Read.

Do you listen to audiobooks? Who are your favorite narrators? (If not an audiobook listener – why don’t you listen to audiobooks?)

I’ve never listened to an audiobook in my life. My reasoning is pretty simple, really. If I were to listen to an audiobook, I would get that sense that I am being read to. And let me tell you – there is nothing worse (to me, anyhow) than being read to.

It’s a major pet peeve, actually. I zone out and I stop listening. Then I retain absolutely nothing. I really wish I didn’t feel this way, because I’ve heard there are some really good audiobooks that are great to listen to, 😁

Do you like audiobooks? What are some of the best audiobooks you’ve listened to and what do you like to do while you’re listening?

Feature & Follow: DNF Policy


Feature & Follow is hosted by Parajunkee and Allison Can Read.


What is your take on DNF books. Do you review them? Choose not to review them?

Every once in awhile, there’s going to be a book that come into our lives and we’re just not going to like it. It happens. There are some people who read them, regardless of whether they actually enjoy it or not. That’s dedication.

I used to be one of those people. I used to read every book that I had, even though some of them were really slow and boring. Then one day, I became overwhelmed with my TBR shelves and the inability to catch up. I had all of these amazing titles waiting to be read, and I was trying to sludge through a book that I just couldn’t enjoy.

That’s when I decided to change my reading policy. I prided myself on never having a DNF book and at first I felt guilty, but I eventually came around. Now it’s pretty simple: 50-100 pages or five chapters, whichever comes first. If there are no chapters, or the chapters are short – I’ll just do 50-100 pages. The number of pages depends on whether I feel there might be potential.

I will review a DNF book only if the little bit of the book that I read gave me a little inclination of what I was reading and if I developed any types of feelings in regards to the book. There’s been a few DNF books that I only read 50+ pages of that I felt very strongly about, and there’s been a few others where I just didn’t have anything to say about them.

How do you manage books that are DNF [un]worthy?