#VASRP Round Up


Well, my fellow bookworms. The #VASRP is officially over tomorrow. I cannot believe how fast this summer has come and gone. The entire time I’ve been waiting for school to start, because that’s “the end of summer” for me. Also, I love my son incredibly so . . . school needs to start soon, though. Even he’s getting anxious and bored, waiting for the routine of school.

For #VASRP, I’ve read and finished the following books:

That puts me in the Fishing Jig group, which is 11-16 books read. Not too bad, if I do say so myself. I didn’t really set a personal goal for myself. I was just reading to be reading, and having fun along the way.

I actually loved this program and I really hope it’s going to be an annual thing!  🙂 I met some really awesome people during the chats and it was a fun program to be involved with!

How many books have you read this summer? Any book that you read that you absolutely loved and can’t stop gushing over?


#ARCAugust Round Up


Guess what, bookworms? We did it! We made it to the end of the 4th annual #ARCAugust!

My month started off a little slow, and then it started to pick up a little bit. Just like other challenges that I’ve done – I didn’t really set a pre-defined goal for myself. I just wanted to read and then apply it to individual challenge(s). I knew roughly how many books I would/could finish within the month and I was completely okay with that! I even squeezed in a novella! Overall, not a bad month.

I’m only about 20% into Stalking Jack the Ripper – been having a really busy and tiring last couple of days, was hoping I could get it done before the end of the month, but oh well – so I can’t include it. It’s definitely good so far, though!

For ARC August, I was able to start and finish the following:

Did you read any good books during ARC August? How many did you mark as DNF?

#ARCAugust Week #3 Update


Hi bookworms! Guess what? We’ve got one more week left of the 4th annual #ARCAugust and I am pretty sure I’ll have met my goals – give or take a book! This actually makes me feel so much better because the month started off a little slow for me.

I’ve finished the following books for ARC August:

I will definitely be finishing Wake the Hollow before the end of the month, and if I am lucky I can hopefully start and finish Stalking Jack the Ripper by Kerrie Maniscalco.

I didn’t read any physical ARCs – although a lot of the ones I have are older! shame, I know – but at least for ARC August I can say that I got through a lot of my eBooks. I usually neglect my eBooks, so that’s actually a pretty decent accomplishment.

*Uncertain if the copy I was given was an eARC or not.

Anyone else having better luck for ARC August? What were your personal goals?

#ARCAugust: Week #2 Update


Here we are, bookworms! We made it to the end of the second week of the 4th annual #ARCAugust and for me personally – I’m making very slow progress.

One of the books that I thought was an eARC turns out to possibly be a finished copy (it’s being looked into, though, so it might count!)

It’s crazy, really. A lot of the ARCs that I am reading are eBooks, which I’m not all that familiar with (not my preferred choice of reading). And these copies are supplied directly from the author or part of a blog tour. So I’m told they’re review copies, but nowhere in the eBook does it specify whether it’s an uncorrected proof.

Since last week, I was able to finish Eclipse the Flame by Ingrid Seymour . . . and that’s it! Pretty pathetic,  😦 I’m close to finishing Crossing the Barrier by Martine Lewis, so if it counts – I’ll have three titles under my belt.

I also decided to change my lineup for #ARCAugust, so for the rest of the month I hope to read and finish the following:

Are you participating? How many ARCs have you read so far?

#ARCAugust 2016: Week #1 Update


We are at the end of the first week of the 4th annual #ARCAugust and it’s been a pretty slow week for me, 😞

I also read Danielle Paige’s Before the Snow novella, so my page count is on track to my usual reading pace, but I was hoping to be at least starting on my third ARC by now.

For #ARCAugust, I’ve only been able to finish Spells & Sorcery by S. Usher Evans. I’m a little over halfway through Eclipse the Flame by Ingrid Seymour.

Still on deck for the rest of #ARCAugust:

Are you participating? How many ARCs have you read so far?

#ARCAugust 2016


The 4th annual #ARCAugust is starting soon! I don’t have many ARCs, not like a lot of other bloggers do but I decided to participate this year and tackle some of the ARCs that I do have on my TBR list. I think I have just the right amount of ARCs to get done in a month based on my reading pace, so we shall see. Some of them have already been published, but at least I’ll have an incentive to finally read them!

My #ARCAugust line-up includes:

To everyone participating this year – good luck with your #ARCAugust goal and happy reading! 🙂

#VASRP: Mini Challenge #6


You guys! The Virtual Adult Summer Reading Program (#VASRP) is such an amazing summer reading program. I’ve been doing it since it started, and it’s fun and easy. There’s no stress involved in trying to meet a goal because the ultimate goal is just to have fun and enjoy yourself.

The mini challenge for week #6 is going up a little early this week, since there’s going to be a huge buzz in the book community about Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and spoilers are trying to be avoided, and sometimes that can be very difficult to do. Especially in the book community!

Here we are – mid-way through our summer reading. It’s time to check in. How many books have you read for this challenge so far? How does it compare to your goal?

Since the beginning of summer (June 20), I’ve managed to read and finish the following books:

I started to read Crave the Night by Lara Adrian, however I was unable to really get into it so it was marked as DNF.

This is pretty right on track for me as far as my reading pace. I can usually read 5-6 books a month, depending on its length and whether I’m really into it or not. As far as my overall goal – I never set a goal for myself for the challenge, really. I just wanted to read as I normally did, and just apply it to the challenge. That way I didn’t overwhelm myself or get anxious for not making the goal that I set for myself.