About Me


Hi! My name is Brittany. I am the sole person running the Ginger Night Owl blog. And, why yes, I do love owls! We all gotta love something, right? 😊

So, about me . . . let’s see.

I am a 30 year old single momma from the eastern shore (MD). I am the most boring person you’ll ever have the pleasure of meeting. I spend my nights playing Minion Rush with my son, watching The Big Bang Theory, then reading for a few hours and crashing out before midnight every night. Exciting, right? No, but seriously. I’ve never been the party type – I’d much rather be spending my time curled in bed with a good movie or book than out doing lord knows what.

My son is a six year old hellion – that is meant in such a loving way! 😊 – who is halfway into his Kindergarten year, loving his new teacher and friends, and the entire school environment. When he started school, he was academically behind his peers and struggling with sensory integration. Now he can write his name, cut with scissors (at least he’s not cutting hair! whew!) and knows how to count to 100 and sight read. He loves reading (takes after his momma) and learning, and I really hope his excitement for school and learning stays well into his teens.

I graduated with an associates in both web design/development, and in computer and network support. I am IT trained, but hate doing anything IT related. I had a professor who was the complete opposite – would always rag on me about my love for </code>. I enjoy being able to create something from scratch. I am a contract web developer for a marketing company, but I’m currently looking for some additional work – either web development work or as a proofreader/copy editor.

I am not a serious blogger . . . yet. I am just an avid reader who follows a lot of other bloggers on Twitter who eventually – maybe – wouldn’t mind getting into blogging more seriously. For now, I’m just doing it for myself. I primarily read YA because the writing and story/plot is just better. I’ll occasionally read something else, but it’s few and fair between. I mostly read dystopian or fantasy, maybe some “real life” experiences thrown in.

I’m a #spoonie, living day to day with trigeminal neuralgia. I was diagnosed at 16 and have fascinated my neurologist ever since. I’ve had brain surgery, several nerve blocks, and been on every medication available for this type of pain – my body has rejected all available options. But I’m living one day at a time, and enjoying every moment of it along the way.

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My Facebook and Instagram are private, since they are personal and not really bookish. However, feel free to request me as a friend!  🙂

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