Cover Reveal: Corruption by Taylor Hondos


Hi, bookworms! Today I’m coming out of my hiatus – that was unannounced, I know – to do a cover reveal for one of my favorite ladies on Twitter. Not only is she an author, but she’s one of the first that I met on Twitter and she’s such a sweet friend, 🙂

Taylor is releasing her final installment of the Antidote trilogy, and she reached out to me to do a cover reveal. Of course I want to support Taylor in any way I can! I am absolutely in love with this cover! I’ve loved all of the covers in the series, but there’s something about this one!

I’m super stoked about reading Corruption, too. I’ve read the entire series so far, and I’ve been anticipating the conclusion. With that said – read on for more information about Corruption, and the Antidote trilogy. Then read an excerpt, 😀

About the Book

Title: Corruption
Series: Antidote, #3
Author: Taylor Hondos
Pub. Date: August 2017


A last hope; lost. A girl with all the answers; destroyed. An antidote hidden from the world. An army of robots.

The epic showdown is finally here. Dr. Ravana and his army of robots are planning to wipe out the entire world for their own gain; Lena included. No one appears to be who they seem to be, and lines are blurring between good and evil.

Holland and Jared stand alone in attempting to save the word, but Jared can’t let go of Lena, the love of his life. The only thing they know for sure is that they will take back their world, once and for all.

About the Antidote trilogy

Antidote (book #1)

Life sucks, and then you rot. No one knows how Dermadecatis is contracted, but its existence has changed everything for 18-year-old Lena, in this riveting debut from Taylor Hondos.

No contact with other people.

Masks must be worn in public at all times.

Four months ago men, women and children alike began to rot from the inside out, and the world as we know it changed forever. Life goes on, but now everything revolves around the need to survive and find a cure for Dermadecatis, the disease that Lena Alona’s father discovered.

Unfortunately for Lena and everyone else who is desperate to survive, her father’s secrets died when he did.

Prospect (book #2)

She’s back, and stronger than ever before.

Lena lives on and although she can’t remember a thing, she has woken up with powers she could only dream of. Lena has been taken over by Dr. Ravana and received the number one target on her first night in the compound.

And then she saw him and everything changes.

Lena can’t help but fight the connection she feels for Jared. Jared attempts to unlock the truth of the cure while attempting to help Lena remember the past.

If only Lena doesn’t have to kill him first.

About the Author

Taylor Hondos obtained an English degree from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro in 2017. In high school, she began writing “Antidote” and finished writing it by the end of her freshman year of college. “Corruption” is the third and final book in the Antidote trilogy. She plans to release many books in 2018. She lives with her family and adorable Miniature Schnauzer in North Carolina.

website | twitter | facebook | amazon

The Excerpt

THERE WAS NO one around for miles; a desolate place where there were no survivors. I landed with a thud, and looked around to see if anyone heard. I squinted my eyes trying to grasp an image in the dark. Finally as my eyes adjusted, I could see him. His eyes watched me from afar. I waited. When I saw he wasn’t moving an inch from his place, I sighed deeply. He is going to make me walk the whole way to him, I thought anxiously.

I trudged forward slowly, milking it. Each clunk underneath me felt like a hammer slamming down on my back. Ha, Going to make you wait for me. If he wanted me to walk this whole way, then he was going to wait up on me.

She was heavy in my arms. Dead weight. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was slightly ajar. The rotting on her forehead was disgusting, and I wondered how Jared ever got so close to her. Her head slumped over to the side. I held her as best as I could until I reached him.

“I see you brought the girl with you.” He spoke through the silence. He turned away from me and began walking in the other direction. I rolled my eyes. Seriously? Do I have to carry her the whole damn way? I should throw her on the ground; maybe then he would pick her up.

“How’d you pull that off?” he said calmly. I smirked, but it was followed by a grunt as I tripped over my own feet. Idiot.


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