Review: One Wish Away by Ingrid Seymour


Title: One Wish Away
Series: Djinn Empire, #1
Author: Ingrid Seymour
Pub. Date: February 2017
Pages: 333
Format: eARC
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐


Faris is a Djinn with a secret and Marielle the first master to give him hope. Will she be the one to break his curse? There is no telling. All he really knows is she’s ONE WISH AWAY from breaking his heart.

When Marielle was little, she used to believe Grandpa about his wish-granting Djinn. But now that she’s older, her beliefs have changed, and things like lousy ex-boyfriends and alcoholic fathers have become her reality.

Life isn’t done shattering her truths, though, and when Grandpa dies and the Djinn he warned her never to trust shows up at her doorstep, the world becomes a dangerous, magical place she never knew existed. Reeling for her once-normal life, Marielle soon realizes there’s no going back—not when she’s become part of a mortal conflict between two spell-bound Djinn. Faris—her handsome slave. And Zet—his vengeance-hungry brother. They both want something from her. One, her love. The other one, her life.

Now she’s afraid she will die in love.

The Review

I have read all of Ingrid Seymour’s YA books, and while Ignite the Shadows series is my absolute favorite – One Wish Away did not disappoint me!  🙂

There was a storyline I’ve not read before, and it really felt like a Disney movie. As Marielle would say . . . the Djinn was nothing like Genie in Aladdin. But that is, in a sense, how One Wish Away felt. Just much darker.

I really liked Marielle. Her abuelo gave her the advice about the Djinn, and she tried listening but no matter what . . . she listens to her own heart and trusts her own instincts, doing things on her own terms. Even if it meant coming across some trouble along the way.

Faris. Oh, Faris. It took awhile for him to grow on me. Even after finishing the book and waiting awhile to write the review, I’m still torn on whether I like Faris or not. At first he felt more like a father figure for Marielle, since she just lost her abuelo and needed someone. I knew he was meant to be a love interest, but it didn’t feel that way at first. Then it just really started feeling like Edward from Twilight. In that stalking, always there kind of way.

The relationship with Faris and Marielle didn’t feel real. It was a little instalove, but it was also a little cliché. I don’t really read many books and get pulled in by any romances, so this wasn’t a big thing for me. Sometimes I look over romances if I know it’s not primary to the storyline. I admire Marielle for not giving in at the smallest of advance like a lot of girls sometimes do when a boy shows interest.

The brothers’ curse is the background story for the book, even though it takes until almost the ending for it to be revealed, so I can’t really talk about how much I love the reason behind the curse and what it means for Faris and Zet, and how it’s different for the both of them. It’d give away too much. Zet was obviously much more . . . consumed with anger and hatred. Despite this, I actually really liked Zet’s character. He had an air of cocky confidence, but you could kind of see right through it, too.

I really liked the ending, and it really setup for the next in the Djinn Empire series. I’m excited for the next in the series, not only because it’s Ingrid but because this is another series that I can really get behind for premise alone. Lots of magic with a fast paced storyline. Can’t go wrong!  🙂


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