Review: Prospect by Taylor Hondos


Title: Prospect
Series: Antidote, #2
Author: Taylor Hondos
Pub. Date: August 2016
Pages: 234
Format: eBook
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐


She’s back, and stronger than ever before. Lena lives on and although she can’t remember a thing, she has woken up with powers she could only dream of. Lena has been taken over by Dr. Ravana and received the number one target on her first night in the compound. And then she saw him and everything changes. Lena can’t help but fight the connection she feels for Jared. Jared attempts to unlock the truth of the cure while attempting to help Lena remember the past. If only Lena doesn’t have to kill him first.

The Review

As much as I loved Antidote, and for as hyped I was for reading Prospect . . . I didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought I would. I really enjoyed it, especially when things started picking up. So it’s not that it was bad – I guess it’s that whole “slow burn” thing. The storyline was very intriguing – for a zombie story*. There was just something off about it. Part of that being it read a little differently than Antidote.

We learn of Lena turning and how she struggles with her new identity. Not only do we follow Lena as she finds out what happens to her and discovering why she’s connected to her target – who is, of course, Jared – but there’s also some questions being answered about the cure and how it’s connected to Lena. It doesn’t answer everything, but there’s a third book in the making!  🙂

Another thing that Prospect had is a handful of new characters. Some good, some not so good, and some recurring characters. I instantly loved Theo’s character and there was a whirlwind of feels with him. One character that I have so many unanswered feels about is Clementine . . . her character is enough to have a purpose in the next book, and I’m very intrigued on whether she has anything to do with anything. Gabe and Holland do make an appearance in Prospect, and I won’t even go there. So many feels.

Once the story started picking up . . . there were so many twists, turns, and whirlwinds that had me completely wondering what in the world was going on. It all started piecing itself together, but it was a major heart attack in the process! Especially since some of the characters were my favorites and I couldn’t anticipate what was going on.

I can’t wait for Corruption, and hopefully finding all the answers to a few unanswered questions and to see how everything plays out.

*Just kidding – apparently a lot of people think Taylor’s books are about zombies and the apocalypse.


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