Monthly Bookmail (November 2016).


November was an easy month for me. Whew! Preparing for the book overload that will be December! I’m proud to say that I didn’t purchase a single book for myself this month . . . just one Funko Pop! and that was Sirius Black.

This was supposed to be a Christmas gift from my dad, but I got the UK edition of Jay Kristoff’s Nevernight early!

My dad was having some problems with the Book Depository, and let it slip and since I already knew what the book was – I convinced him to let me have it early,  🙂

I wanted the UK edition because . . . look at that cover! I like the US edition, too, but something about this edition spoke to me. I am so stoked to start this, too.

I traded my ARC of Stalking Jack the Ripper for this ARC of the May Queen Murders by Sarah Jude. I’ve been wanting to read it, and it’s a genre/type that I haven’t really read in a while so I’m hoping it’s good!

Thanks to the lovely ladies over at Fables Library, I won this ARC of Rose Blood by A.G. Howard in an Instagram giveaway,  🙂

I am so excited to start this one. I’m loving the idea of re-tellings and I have always loved Phantom of the Opera.

I was given a review copy of The Exo Project by Andrew DeYoung from Linda @ Book Mania, and it’s supposed to be right up there with Illuminae and Gemina, so we’ll see!

Unexpected goodies!

I have amazing friends. When I read The Nerdy and the Dirty by B.T. Gottfried, I had mentioned that sex isn’t mentioned in books anymore. That it’s just kind of brushed by, that the idea of teenage sex or sex for the first time is made to sound like it’s some perfect thing . . . so that’s where most of these came from! And she sent me one of her favorite reads this year: You Will Not Have My Hate, which I devoured in one sitting. Such a beautiful memoir.

What bookmail did you get this month that you were excited about? Tell me about it!


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