Review: Tame the Night by Ingrid Seymour


Title: Tame the Night
Series: Ignite the Shadows, #0.5
Author: Ingrid Seymour
Pub. Date: November 2016
Pages: 100
Format: eBook
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐


Eighteen-year-old James never failed in protecting his sister, Farrah. Admittedly, that was before there were creatures infecting humans and turning them into monsters.

Eager to leave home, James hides what little money he earns. It’s not much but, soon, he and Farrah will be able to get away from their deadbeat parents. At least that’s the plan until his dad steals the money to buy booze, and James finds himself out on the street after a violent fight.

Faced with homelessness, all bets are off. Things James always considered stupid are, suddenly, worth the risk—even the easy-cash offer from that sleazeball who used to be poorer than dirt and now drives a brand new Camaro. The prospect is tempting, at least until, James wakes up with a punctured spine and a strange presence in his mind that tries to supplant his every thought.

Now, the monsters have their sight on Farrah. Will James be able to save her?

The Review

I love the Ignite the Shadows series. It’s become one of my favorite series, so I was thrilled when Ingrid was allowing those of us in her street team access to this novella.

Xave is my favorite character in the series, hands down, but James had a story to tell. James’ character had so much depth to be explored and so many questions that needed answering. James is a character that readers needed to know more about!

Tame the Night fulfilled that need! As a reader, we learned so much about James. Not only about James as a character – what made him the type of person he is, what drove him emotionally, etc. But we got to see how it all started. How James “turned,” and the insights of what he was experiencing.

It was similar to how Marci experienced it, but Marci was born into it . . . James wasn’t. It was really intriguing witnessing James being infected and knowing he resisted from the beginning. Reading the series, you get the feeling that he was resistant but at the same time – he could’ve given in. James had all the right things to fight for.

While reading, I was waiting for the ball to drop on when James would learn all that he needed to know about Eklyptors and the infected, the factions, etc. Especially considering he knows so much 20+ years later. While it never goes into detail, I love what did happen!

There are still some questions that are unanswered, but they may be just things I picked up on since I overthink things when I’m invested in a series.

If you haven’t read Ignite the Shadows, followed by Eclipse the Flame – please do! It’s an amazing series that leaves you on the edge, waiting to see what will happen. A great somewhat apocalyptic story that has its own twist on the genre.

You can currently get a free copy of Tame the Night on instaFreebie!  🙂


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