Monthly Bookmail (October 2016).


This post is a day late, but it’s here! October was really nice to me as far as book mail goes. I’m at the point of the year where I’m just going to hoard books on my bookcase(s) because Christmas is right around the corner, and I know I’ll be getting more books then, too. And I’m actually in the mood to rearrange my bookcases, so I don’t see the point in doing anything extravagant now.

I’m actually thinking of starting a monthly “Funko Pop! collection” post, since I’m getting slightly obsessed with them . . . I got five just in October! Granted, that’s most of my collection so far (I had two Harry Potter and two The Walking Dead figures before now) but I have a feeling I am going to start hoarding them, too.

I actually didn’t purchase a whole lot of books for myself – most were gifts or complete surprises!  🙂

I participated in the Ninja Book Swap this year – after participating in a mini swap during the summer that was really fun to do – so I got a bunch of goodies!

A huge thank you to Sam @ Paper Cuts,  🙂

I have never read anything by Maas yet! I keep hearing so many great things about her and her books, especially the ACOTAR series. I was so excited to get this, because I’ve been wanting to read it but wasn’t 100% certain I would’ve ever actually gotten it for myself.

The Testing trilogy looks really good, and Sam did her research and “spying” on me and my interests, and knew this would interest me! I’m actually thinking of taking a break in my scheduled reading to start this series,  😀

The Ninja Book Swap had two options this year – a regular swap, and a Trick or Treat swap which was a trick (a book from a genre we’d like to read more of) and a treat (which could be another book or things we like). This one was exceptionally fun!  😀

I wanted to read more contemporary, but I also had some contemporary on my wishlist so it worked out perfectly.

A big thank you to Sarah,  🙂

I love that Sarah got my son a little something – which he loved because he has been slightly obsessed with The Secret Life of Pets.

The Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans . . . I am keeping them for display/decoration, but I remember when they first came out a few years ago. It was a slow night at work and a bunch of us were bored, so we grabbed a bag of them and played “guess the flavor.” Never know what you’re going to get – a trick or a treat:/

I absolutely love owls and Harry Potter – the Hedwig is perfect! Now I want to start collecting all of the little mini figures.

I found Finders Keepers at a Five Below store last month, not realizing it was the second book in a series – so I went to Amazon and got Mr. Mercedes for really cheap. Since it’ll be awhile before I actually read any of the Stephen King books that I have, I’m going to hold off on getting the third in the series.

While shopping for one of my Ninja Book Swap buddies, I came across Neil Gaiman’s Coraline for less than $4 and I just had to have it! I should’ve read it in October, but you know how that goes. Buy a book, wait to read it forever,  😀

I won an ARC of The Nerdy and the Dirty by B.T. Gottfred on Goodreads early on in October and I’m actually about half way into it and it’s really good.

This was complete surprise mail and I love it! Ingrid Seymour has become one of my favorite authors – not only for her writing, but her down to earth nature and personality! And the Ignite the Shadows series is one of my favorites so far. I was in heaven when this package came – a signed paperback copy of Ignite the Shadows, and two signed bookmarks for Ignite the Shadows and Ingrid’s other series – The Morphid Chronicles (which is also another really good series!)

Now I’m patiently waiting for the release of Eclipse the Flame in paperback that comes out in December, because these covers are absolutely gorgeous. I also received an eBook copy of a novella of the series from Ingrid but it was exclusive to her street team and isn’t available yet.

What bookmail did you get this month that you were excited about? Tell me about it!


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