Review: Mistrust by Margaret McHeyzer


Title: Mistrust
Author: Margaret McHeyzer
Pub. Date: July 2016
Pages: 332
Format: eARC
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐


I’m the popular girl at school. The one everyone wants to be friends with. I have the best boyfriend in the world, who’s on the basketball team. My parents adore me, and I absolutely love them. My sister and I have a great relationship too. I’m a cheerleader, I have a high GPA and I’m liked even by the teachers. It was a night which promised to be filled with love and fun until…something happened which changed everything.

The Review

Disclaimer: Mistrust deals with the sensitive topic of rape and the aftermath, including the issue of a verbally abusive boyfriend [and “friends.”]

This book was really difficult to read: it’s the topic. I’ll read books like this every once in awhile because there needs to be more fiction depicting things that happen every day and go unsaid. I read The Girl Who Fell by Shannon M. Parker earlier this year and while the topic isn’t exactly the same – it felt reminiscent of it.

I actually really enjoyed reading Mistrust. It opened on a good note, but it obviously was going to head into a “dark place,” and it stayed there for most of the book. Dakota had her moments with her sister and family where she felt normal and happy again, but for the most part she was having an internal struggle with herself.

There were a few things that were a little repetitive, but I think that might’ve been par the course with the topic. We read about Dakota and her struggles with what happened that night and a lot of her internal struggles were repeating the same things. Although, really, it was nice reading the internal thoughts of someone who has been through rape – even if it was fiction, some of the thoughts were legitimate thinking.

With the way that Dakota was treated by her boyfriend and her so-called friends made me sick to my stomach. I thought Reece was going to be the same way since his best friend is Levi but he proved himself trustworthy. In the days after – Dakota really got to see who she could trust and who her real friends would become.

Keep the tissues handy! This was a book that had tears in my eyes from the beginning and kept me in all the feels until the very end.


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