Unboxing: Uppercase Box (October 2016).


Yet another month that I had no idea what to expect in this month’s Uppercase. I understand that Owlcrate had the same book this month, too, and I know Owlcrate reveals a “theme” for the month. However, I never put two and two together considering I didn’t know much about the book in this month’s box.

The October box included:

  • A signed hardcover of Vassa in the Night by Sarah Porter
  • An Erg sticker

I don’t understand the sticker reference . . . I am assuming it’s a reference to a character in the book. But it’s a super adorable sticker.

Vassa in the Night is a book that I have been hearing good things about for awhile now, and it was added to my to-read list not too long ago. I was so excited when it came in this month’s box!

And look at that cover! Absolutely gorgeous. From what I understand, it’s a “re-telling” but not an actual re-telling. I don’t know but I do know it’s definitely one I’m excited to read!


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