Review: Queen Rising by Danielle Paige


Title: Queen Rising
Series: Stealing Snow, #0.2
Author: Danielle Paige
Pub. Date: September 2016
Pages: 63
Format: eBook
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐


Margot grew up as an apprentice to the witches Nepenthe and Ora, but she doesn’t possess the incredible magic that they have. So when the old Snow King asked her to kidnap Ora, she obeyed his command, hiding her true motives from the witches. Though the witches could kill Margot for her betrayal, they showed her mercy–and without her old friends at her side, she must find her own way.

Leaving the world she knows behind, Margot decides to put her affinity for thieving to use by embracing the Robber trade. But she is set for a much greater fate. . . and more of the prophecy foretelling Algid’s future will be revealed. Along the way, Margot must find her way from being a magic-less apprentice to be becoming a queen in her own right.

And Margot’s role in the prophecy is only just beginning. . . In the future, she is destined to cross paths with a girl named Snow, who will have the power to change Algid forever-for better, or for worse.

The Review

Danielle Paige is an amazing author and is joining the elite few that I have deemed my favorite! Stealing Snow came out today and I am so excited for it (funds, however, don’t agree with me). It also seems the new thing to do is have novellas come out before the main book, and Danielle Paige owned it!  🙂

I read Before the Snow and loved it so much that I had pre-ordered Queen Rising immediately. I couldn’t wait to delve right back into the world. I was only slightly disappointed that Nepenthe wasn’t in this story, and that Lazar was only mentioned in passing. That’s okay, though, because the the story was still a great read.

We got to learn about Margot, who was mentioned in Before the Snow and her story unfolds in Queen Rising. I knew Margot sounded a little . . . crazy in Before the Snow and I’m glad her character development was the main point of this book.

Margot’s love for her brother was admirable, and she did everything she could to keep that bond together. It was he who changed and I think that’s part of what made Margot become the person she became. Then after Go, she had nothing to live for – so Margot did what she had to do to get by.

The ending was very intriguing and I’m interested in seeing how the two novellas tie into Stealing Snow.


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