#VASRP Round Up


Well, my fellow bookworms. The #VASRP is officially over tomorrow. I cannot believe how fast this summer has come and gone. The entire time I’ve been waiting for school to start, because that’s “the end of summer” for me. Also, I love my son incredibly so . . . school needs to start soon, though. Even he’s getting anxious and bored, waiting for the routine of school.

For #VASRP, I’ve read and finished the following books:

That puts me in the Fishing Jig group, which is 11-16 books read. Not too bad, if I do say so myself. I didn’t really set a personal goal for myself. I was just reading to be reading, and having fun along the way.

I actually loved this program and I really hope it’s going to be an annual thing!  🙂 I met some really awesome people during the chats and it was a fun program to be involved with!

How many books have you read this summer? Any book that you read that you absolutely loved and can’t stop gushing over?


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