#VASRP: Mini Challenge #6


You guys! The Virtual Adult Summer Reading Program (#VASRP) is such an amazing summer reading program. I’ve been doing it since it started, and it’s fun and easy. There’s no stress involved in trying to meet a goal because the ultimate goal is just to have fun and enjoy yourself.

The mini challenge for week #6 is going up a little early this week, since there’s going to be a huge buzz in the book community about Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and spoilers are trying to be avoided, and sometimes that can be very difficult to do. Especially in the book community!

Here we are – mid-way through our summer reading. It’s time to check in. How many books have you read for this challenge so far? How does it compare to your goal?

Since the beginning of summer (June 20), I’ve managed to read and finish the following books:

I started to read Crave the Night by Lara Adrian, however I was unable to really get into it so it was marked as DNF.

This is pretty right on track for me as far as my reading pace. I can usually read 5-6 books a month, depending on its length and whether I’m really into it or not. As far as my overall goal – I never set a goal for myself for the challenge, really. I just wanted to read as I normally did, and just apply it to the challenge. That way I didn’t overwhelm myself or get anxious for not making the goal that I set for myself.


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