#ARCAugust 2016


The 4th annual #ARCAugust is starting soon! I don’t have many ARCs, not like a lot of other bloggers do but I decided to participate this year and tackle some of the ARCs that I do have on my TBR list. I think I have just the right amount of ARCs to get done in a month based on my reading pace, so we shall see. Some of them have already been published, but at least I’ll have an incentive to finally read them!

My #ARCAugust line-up includes:

To everyone participating this year – good luck with your #ARCAugust goal and happy reading! 🙂


4 thoughts on “#ARCAugust 2016

  1. Inge

    Good luck with ARC August! I’ve thought about doing it as well, but I’m already joining the Pokémon Go Readathon and it’d be too much pressure to do both, haha. I hope this makes a dent in your ARC pile! My NetGalley seems to be broken. For every book I review, three more are added to my list… 😉


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