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What is your take on DNF books. Do you review them? Choose not to review them?

Every once in awhile, there’s going to be a book that come into our lives and we’re just not going to like it. It happens. There are some people who read them, regardless of whether they actually enjoy it or not. That’s dedication.

I used to be one of those people. I used to read every book that I had, even though some of them were really slow and boring. Then one day, I became overwhelmed with my TBR shelves and the inability to catch up. I had all of these amazing titles waiting to be read, and I was trying to sludge through a book that I just couldn’t enjoy.

That’s when I decided to change my reading policy. I prided myself on never having a DNF book and at first I felt guilty, but I eventually came around. Now it’s pretty simple: 50-100 pages or five chapters, whichever comes first. If there are no chapters, or the chapters are short – I’ll just do 50-100 pages. The number of pages depends on whether I feel there might be potential.

I will review a DNF book only if the little bit of the book that I read gave me a little inclination of what I was reading and if I developed any types of feelings in regards to the book. There’s been a few DNF books that I only read 50+ pages of that I felt very strongly about, and there’s been a few others where I just didn’t have anything to say about them.

How do you manage books that are DNF [un]worthy?


8 thoughts on “Feature & Follow: DNF Policy

  1. jsamuelsen

    I don’t dnf very often but the three times I have I had very strong reasoning. I wasn’t reviewing them. I think I am going to start.


    • I kind of have to agree with that to some extent – I don’t get many ARCs, but if I did… I would feel like I had to finish it because I’m a blogger and it was given to me for free, you know?

      Thanks for commenting, and happy reading! Enjoy your weekend, 🙂


  2. I like how you have two options. I always read to at least 40%, but I am one of those dedicated readers you mentioned. 99% of the time I force myself to finish the book. I’ve only ever DNFed 4 books since I started blogging (and one was a classic I tried again). Whether 40% or finished, I write a review that is just like a 5 star review: fair, honest, with elements that I liked and those I didn’t. I feel this is honest for other potential readers and customers, and also constructive criticism for the authors.

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    • Kudos! I used to force myself through a book up until this year. Sometimes I feel that if you’re forcing yourself to finish a book that you’re really not enjoying that it will ultimately taint your overall review. I usually don’t take other people’s reviews into consideration – I usually only read reviews AFTER I reviewed it myself – but sometimes if I hear someone say that a book doesn’t pick up until 100+ pages… I’ll take that into consideration. Also, if a book sounds good and it has so much potential… I’ll skim. But that really depends on if there was something in the book that I wanted answers to.

      Thank you for commenting, and happy reading! Enjoy your weekend, 🙂

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  3. I’ll give what usually amounts to 15-20% of the book, by then my gut usually gives a pretty good indication of whether it’s worth it or not. Personally, I always review DNFs but I know that’s not necessarily the popular policy lol. Great post!

    Have a good weekend and happy reading!

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    • Naturally, it’s not a popular policy. It kind of gives the book/author a bad rep. On the other hand, if all these books had was nothing but 3+ stars then it’s not giving a full scope of how good or bad the book is.

      Thank you! You have a good weekend, too, 🙂


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