Unboxing: Uppercase Box (July 2016).


There are a lot of people complaining about the Uppercase and Owlcrate subscription boxes having the same book for the last two months, and this is another reason why I love Uppercase. They’ve added to their policy to allow for 50% refund if you receive the same book in more than one subscription box!

It just makes me a little happy that I don’t subscribe to Owlcrate, too, because the element of surprise gets a little diminished when you open the boxes and find that it’s the same book in both. Especially this month, since I was actually wanting an Owlcrate for July based on the theme. However, I’m happy with just the Uppercase box this month!

The July box included:

  • Hardcover of This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab – signed on a separate additional added-on title page
  • A button that says “human or monster?”

I’ve actually never heard of Victoria Schwab before – I’m being introduced to new authors every day, and it’s amazing – so when I saw everyone in the book community talking about this book, I didn’t know what to expect. Sometimes things are overly hyped. The cover is definitely appealing and I’m very curious about it. I’ve read from a few early readers that This Savage Song is the perfect starter book to read to determine if you’ll like Victoria Schwab. We’ll see!

Did you get Uppercase this month? How about Owlcrate? What’s your opinion on the two subscription boxes having the same book? What are you going to do with the duplicate book (assuming you get both boxes)?


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