What doesn’t kill me, makes me stronger.


As a web developer, I was always told “use ergodynamic keyboards,” “position your arms and wrists for maximum comfort,” etc. Do you know how hard it is to position yourself the way it’s suggested to sit at a desk? Especially for eight (or more) hours a day? I take courtesy “eye breaks” – to prevent eye straining – every hour or so, and so I stretch when I do.

Yet somehow . . . I was still told I might have carpal tunnel in my dominant (left) wrist. I won’t know 100% for sure until I go through with the nerve conduction study, but it’s a very high possibility at this point. For now I’ve been given anti-inflammatory meds and a wrist splint. The splint must be worn at night during sleep, and during the day when I experience a lot of discomfort – which, for now, is mostly all the time.

Let me tell you: you never know what you take for granted until you don’t have it anymore! This splint is so uncomfortable and limits what I can do on so many levels. I’m left handed, everything I do is with my left hand. I obviously can’t write, I struggle getting ice out of an ice cube tray, I drop things, and hell – I struggle to hold a book!

I do most of my blogging on my phone, and even texting is a struggle. I have a blog tour and a blast coming up, and a few reviews I need to finish. I could very well use Siri – just correct everything she misinterprets, stupid accent – but that’s more work in and of itself (again, stupid accent). I will get these things finished, however. Just will take longer. Good thing most of them are in varying stages of drafts,  😛

Lesson learned, guys. Take care of yourself and never take things for granted.


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