Top Ten Tuesday: Facts About Me


I see a lot of people doing this and always wondered about it. Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish and is exactly what it sounds like – each Tuesday is a list of top 10’s ranging from things about ourselves as bloggers or bookish related things.

This week features top 10 facts about me (whether general facts or bookish facts). I like things to be split evenly, so I’ll be doing five bookish facts and five general facts,  😛


I wasn’t always a reader. I didn’t start reading regularly until I was 18-19, and then picked up heavily in my 20’s. Then I got hit by a funk, and didn’t read for 2-3 years when my son was born. I was swamped with school and just being so tired. Now I’m back to the book community and plan to stay around!  😀

I wrote a short story in an English class in college called ANTÉK – it’s about a man who owned an antique collectibles shop and these items had magical powers. It caused him to hallucinate, to have dreams that were too real for comfort. It can be found on my Goodreads,  🙂

Despite writing that short story – I am not a writer. Which makes writing reviews slightly difficult. I’m really bad with words. I can never seem to thoroughly collect my thoughts and opinions, so sometimes my reviews just seem like one big ramble.

While talking about reviews . . . my review system is a little unorthodox compared to others. I will never give a synopsis of a book I just read. I can love a book and rate it low (usually because there are issues despite the overall feel). It’s really weird but in the end it’s just how the book speaks to me. Usually, though, my system is kind of straight-forward:

⭐ – DNF or there was absolutely nothing good about the book

⭐⭐ – it was a passable book; at least finished and there might’ve been one or two things enjoyable

⭐⭐⭐ – neither hated it nor loved it, had several things that were enjoyable; a storyline that was good, but had a few flaws

⭐⭐⭐⭐ – a really enjoyable read, had a lot of aspects that were enjoyable, a storyline that was easy to follow and enjoy; might’ve had some flaws but easily overlooked

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ – similar to a 4-star rating but was really enjoyable, had little to no flaws, a storyline that was fun to follow; didn’t want to put the book down, a quick read because of enjoyability

I usually binge read a series . . . only because every time I see a book I like, I discover it’s book two or three of a series, so I just wait for them all. Which can be a pain if a series is more than 4-5 books. In most cases, I don’t like when a series is more than a handful of books. There are some series – Harry Potter, for instance – that is okay. Usually there are some series that just go on and on when they just need to end.


I have a tattoo (and three others, including a large leg piece) on my right foot that says everything adventurous because I want to remind myself every day to live adventurous and to not worry the small stuff. All but one of my tattoos have a meaning – one is a couple pieces of flash that my artist combined and made his own . . . one element has carried over to all of my other tattoos, though. It was obviously my first tattoo,  😂

I graduated from a community college in 2015 with two AAS degrees in programming & web development and computer & network support. I had a job as a web developer 2-3 weeks before my actual graduation . . . after being told it wasn’t going to happen so easily. I was the only female web developer at the company I was working for, and while I can’t prove it – I think it’s partly why I was fired from that company.

My TV is permanently glued to Disney, Nickelodeon, etc. so I really don’t watch a lot of television. When I do watch TV, however, it’s usually re-runs of Law & Order: SVU, game shows, cooking shows (Chopped), or home improvement shows (Flip or Flop) because I just don’t have the attention span to enjoy a show with a five year old. The only show I watch regularly when it’s on is The Walking Dead, and then usually The Talking Dead.

When I watch Dawson’s Creek – I get that false feeling of what relationships are like and how they should be. I know relationships are nothing like how they are on TV, but something about the relationships on this show give me hope and make me feel/believe that relationships can be like that. Pacey and Joey are absolute ❤️

I’ve been a single mother since I was about eight weeks pregnant (not too long after finding out). My son was planned, but obviously things happen. I busted my ass in college, working full-time, and dealing with everything at home on my own. It’s hard work, but I do my best. It’s not what I thought parenthood would be like but I wouldn’t have it any other way now.


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