#VASRP: Mini Challenge #2


This is an amazingly fun summer program! I’ve been involved since the beginning with helping to promote as much as possible – although I’ve been a little busy this summer – so naturally I joined the fun, too.

The Virtual Adult Summer Reading Program is in its second week and that means there’s another challenge! This week’s challenge is all about the library! If you’re like me and don’t visit the library – that’s okay! Talk about your favorite indie bookstore or where you get your books.

If you haven’t joined yet, sign ups for the #VASRP are still open. You can view the full details for the 2nd challenge on the Read. Sleep. Repeat. blog.

Now, for my response to the 2nd mini challenge!

Show us your library card and/or your library! – I don’t have a library card – although I’ve been considering getting one for myself and my son, but I’ve never gotten around to it since my son is a repetitive reader and has tons of books at home that he still prefers and me . . . lord knows I have way too many books on my to be read list to be adding more to it.

Google isn’t giving adequate images for our library and it’s on the opposite side of town for me to easily go and take pictures. It’s a very old building in what’s considered the “historic” part of town (or “downtown,” if you will) so it has seen its better days. However, I can say that one very impressive thing that I love about our library is that over the years they’ve painted the sides of the building with colorful popular book titles: Charlotte’s Web, Harry Potter, Dr. Seuss, etc.

How often do you go to the library? – Oh my! I’ll be 100% honest . . . I haven’t been to my local library in years. I was there recently to drop off some boxes of books I was donating, but before that I hadn’t been since I was at least 10 years old. It hasn’t changed much since I’ve been there last, though.

What resources are available at your library? – My local library has one program that I’m passionate about and that’s the entrepreneur center. It’s only the basement of the library, but it’s a wonderful part of the library that helps entrepreneurs that are starting up local businesses. There’s also a teens lounge for teens, and there are three other branches of the library at various locations but they don’t have the full library experience – you can request books (if you know the ISBN, title, author, etc.) and use wi-fi, but that’s it.

If you don’t go to tbe library, where do you get your books? – Usually, I get most of my books from Amazon or Barnes & Noble. From time to time, I’ll go over to the book section in Walmart or Target and see what looks good. I started entering some giveaways and doing some trades (or pay for shipping “giveaways”). For now, most of my new books are coming from my subscription boxes: Uppercase and The Book Drop.


6 thoughts on “#VASRP: Mini Challenge #2

  1. ccovertocover

    This event sounds like fun! Personally, I’m a big fan of the library because books seem to be becoming increasingly expensive. Especially when I’m looking to read backlist books, the library is my ultimate resource. I’m currently a high school student, so during the school year I’m typically unable to visit my local library due to other obligations, but during the summertime I visit religiously. My younger sister and I both own library cards and visit almost five times a week now that our schedules are more free 😂 Aside from the library I usually order from Amazon or head to Barnes & Noble. Lovely post!:)

    ✨ Claire @ Cover to Cover


  2. I’m with ya on this one! When I was younger, I used my library all the time. I went there at least twice a week and checked out the maximum number of books, but I haven’t been in several years. I don’t even have a library card for the town I live in now. I already own so many books that I haven’t read, and I prefer to buy books and keep them forever. Still, I do wish I went to the library more, because that would help my wallet, and it would enable me to read more new releases. Maybe one day I’ll get back to the library scene.

    – Lefty @ The Left-Handed Book Lover


    • You would think someone as such as myself who most likely will not re-read a book (mostly because I have too many others to read) would invest more in the library – could save money and read newer titles, but no. Haha.

      I think maybe when my son is old enough to read for himself (he can sight word and “reads” based off picture memory but doesn’t read-read) I’ll start going more frequently.

      Also, hi fellow left handed book reader! 😊


    • Growing up, I was never much into reading. I didn’t start reading a lot until I was in my 20’s or so, when I needed a “distraction” to the chronic pain I had/still have.

      At that time, I would get books at the dollar stores and grocery stores that had them on display, lol. Usually adult murder mysteries, 😐

      I never thought to go to the library – I just always thought libraries were for kids, y’know?


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