Monthly Bookmail (June 2016).


Every month I’m going to try – if I can remember! – to do a monthly bookmail round up. With the exception of monthly book subscriptions, which I’ve always done separately, I’ll have all the bookmail that I’ve received for the month.

Let’s get started with June, shall we? This month was a lot more “busy” than usual with bookmail. I had an Amazon gift card from Mother’s Day that I hadn’t used, so that’s where most of my bookmail came from,  🙂

My Amazon haul included:

I won a mystery box of goodies last month that had an ARC of the second in the series by Virginia Bergin, so I knew I had to get the first before reading the second. I already know I’m going to enjoy this series!

The cover for A Thousand Pieces of You is what caught my eye, then after reading the description – I just knew I had to get my hands on this series (Firebird).

I participated in a book swap for summer and my swap buddy went above and beyond!  😀 Not only did she get me a couple books (with bookmarks that I can color), but she included a little something for my little guy. Included:

First let me just say that my son never saw Finding Nemo (I could never get him interested), but he had me read this book to him and he loved it! He won’t stop talking about Dory . . . which means we might end up going to see the movie soon.

Passenger! I’ve been wanting this book ever since I first saw it! I am so excited to read this, although I might wait until Wayfarer comes out, so I can binge them together. I might not last until January, but we’ll see.

Earlier this month, Barnes & Noble had their B-Fest event at stores around the nation. I was unable to attend for one reason or another, but thanks to the lovely Christina over at Ensconced in Lit – I was able to acquire some of the swag that was available. I’m really excited about some of these titles and the samplers were such a tease!  😛

Bookmark heaven! I won this amazing set of signed bookmarks on Twitter. I collect bookmarks, and while these are a lot of last year’s titles – I love being introduced to new authors and titles and some of these are titles I would totally check out!

Stalking Jack the Ripper by Kerri Maniscalco is one title that everyone is anticipating. I was lucky enough to get an ARC and signed bookmark by congratulating another winner on Twitter! Who would’ve thought that a little hospitality would’ve been so rewarding. This was a completely unexpected surprise and I will be starting it ASAP.

What bookmail did you get this month that you were excited about? Tell me about it!


3 thoughts on “Monthly Bookmail (June 2016).

  1. Congrats on the SJTR ARC! Totally not jealous 😉 Hope you enjoy it and the other awesome books I see stacked! Haven’t had a chance to read Wink Poppy Midnight or Passenger but heard both are good! Happy Reading!

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