Virtual Adult Summer Reading Program (#VASRP).


My five year old was “invited” to do a summer reading program at the local library. You know the ones – you read books throughout the summer, with levels based on how many you read. Then prizes are given to those who finish the program, with other little prizes for each level.

I never did sign my son up, because I didn’t think he’d take it seriously. Although it did get me thinking . . . why isn’t there any summer reading programs for adults? With prizes and goodies? Then I was talking to Valerie at He Said Books or Me about the possibility of a summer reading program.

That’s when the Virtual Adult Summer Reading Program was born. I did not help put together this program, but I am all about promoting and getting the word out about its awesome-ness!

Between June 20 (the first day of summer, woo-hoo!) and September 5, the #VASRP encourages you to read as many books as you can. These can be books that you’ve had on your TBR list, or there’s a few lists put together for inspiration. The most important thing is to have fun!

There will be weekly mini challenges and monthly Twitter chats . . . all with prizes that are courtesy of some amazing publishers.

For more information – including the theme, levels, and inspiration lists . . . visit Octavia at Read Sleep Repeat or Valerie at He Said Books or Me. Octavia and Valerie put together an amazing program and encourage all to participate!


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