Book Subscriptions.


I discovered the awesome-ness that is book subscription boxes a few months ago when I saw an ad for OwlCrate, and it had an owl – since I love owls and all – I thought I’d try it.

Ultimately, I didn’t think OwlCrate was worth it for me since I’m really not big on swag. But I still liked the idea of book subscriptions, so I signed up for several other book subscription boxes: Bookcase.Club, Uppercase Box, and The Book Drop.

Each box is a young adult box, since that is primary what I read. Each box has its perks: Bookcase.Club donates books to those less fortunate for every subscriber they have, Uppercase Box sends newly released titles, and Book Drop is a local indie bookstore.

I decided to give each subscription at least two months before I gave my verdict on each one. However, I think I have made my mind up.

There’s something about Bookcase.Club that I don’t like. I received my second box today and wasn’t impressed. A part of me thinks it’s because they’re sending mostly beachy/summer reads and I’m not really into summer-ish books. Also, they send titles that are not exactly old but not really new either (2014). I think what I might end up doing is putting a halt on my subscription and pick up again in the fall/winter, and give it another try.

Any subscription boxes that you subscribe to that I should look into?


3 thoughts on “Book Subscriptions.

  1. I’m a bit wary of box subscriptions, mainly because they are kind of expensive, and I can’t afford the shipping to France. It’s too bad Owlcrate didn’t work out for you, I hope you’ll find the perfect box subscription though! IT’s so great to find little surprises like that in your mailbox 🙂

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    • That’s another one of the reasons OwlCrate didn’t work out for me – it was too expensive and the shipping (and conversion charges since I’m in the US and they’re in Canada) was more than the actual box itself, it seemed. But I can only imagine how it is for you – all the way in France! I see a lot of international ones that a lot of people rant and rave about, but I think they’re UK based so still a bit of a way for you, 😔

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