Thank you, teachers.


I waited too long toward the end of the school year to get teacher appreciation cards. I saw them a month or so ago, and thought “I’ve got plenty of time! no rush!” Yeah, about that . . . school is over in three weeks. I couldn’t find teacher appreciation cards anywhere while I was out and about over the weekend.

I wasn’t really in the mood to look for 6-8 different cards anyhow. Getting individual cards for each teacher, teacher’s assistant, therapist, etc. would’ve been more thoughtful since it would’ve been the thought of getting a card that was unique to each person. Instead, I opted to get a pack of “thank you” cards and I am going to write an individual thank you note for each person. I think this thought will be much more appreciated than a generic Hallmark card.

Here’s the thing I’ve learned over the years: teachers are very under appreciated and funding for teachers is slowly diminishing. A lot of teachers dig into their own pockets every year to supply their classroom. This is why at the beginning of the year I bring more supplies than what’s deemed necessary from each student. I also do the same around the Christmas/winter holiday, even though it’s not required or asked of from the teacher.

I believe teachers deserve much more appreciation than they truly get. There’s “teacher of the year” awards, and teacher appreciation week, etc. And I’m guilty of this by getting end of the year appreciation cards, but why can’t teachers be appreciated every day? You have these wonderful individuals that are educating your children – they deserve the acknowledgement every day.

Each of the individuals who play a role in my son’s learning and well-being when he’s not in my care should know how much I appreciate them with everything that they do. My son talks about his teachers and therapists every day – in a good way – so I’m always trying to tell them stories that he tells me about them, because I know it’s little things like that that really mean a lot. It might not be a “thank you” every day, but just some sort of acknowledgement that something they do matter to you and your child.


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