Hello, newbie.


It looks like this is my first post. How exciting!

I’ve never been crazy about blogging. I used to have a LiveJournal way back in the day. Does anyone actually remember LiveJournal anymore? I still update mine from time to time, but it’s mostly for myself and a few friends who I go way back with.

Lately on Twitter I have been following a lot of bloggers and have been intrigued by them and just the whole thing. I debated for a few weeks on if I even wanted to create a site/blog. I was going to create a domain and start a site from scratch, since I wanted something for a portfolio for other things, but decided to keep the two things separate.

But here I am! Hello, I’m Brittany. Here’s hoping I can stay active with this whole blogging thing, 😉 For general information about yours truly, you can visit the get to know me page.


One thought on “Hello, newbie.

  1. Welcome to the book blogging world! This community is a lot of fun and hopefully you’ll meet many like minded people and have a great time doing it! It was something I just started doing as a fun thing but it’s turned into me meeting so many great great great friends! It has changed my life. 🙂


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